web frontend for git repositories

GitHub • Version 4.0.2 • Aurora


Main page

Lists all repositories with their descriptions and allows filtering.


Commits history page

Shows commits log of a given branch or tag with commit messages, dates and committers.

Ginatra commits log

Single commit page

Shows changeset with a commit message, committer, author and commit parents.
Lists changed files, shows highlighted diff of changes made by a given commit and link to download a patch.

Ginatra commit page

Blob page

Shows the contents of files with highlighted source code.
Gives information about a path and a link to download given version of the file.

Ginatra blob

Directory tree page

Shows directory tree at arbitrary revision making it easy to browse source code.

Ginatra tree

Stats page

Shows various repository statistics, such as number of commits, contributors and a date of the first commit in selected branch.
Additionally Ginatra detects common OSS licenses in repository and shows it there.

Ginatra repository stats

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